It came to our attention that our company name and logo has been used in illegal purposes by unknown persons.

Allegedly, we are hiring various persons on a variety of jobs. Well, at this moment WE ARE NOT HIRING

Please remember following things in order to spot a possible scam:

  • in a real job money only ever flows in one direction — from boss to worker, from employer to employee;
  • no legitimate employer will expect workers to withdraw money from their own accounts and send it to their bosses, nor expect workers to use their own personal, private accounts to perform official company financial transactions;
  • any employer will use only his personalized e-mail address; 

If you feel you were targeted by a possible scam, please do so:

  • act like you did not figure it out and try finding out as much information as humanly possible about the scamer;
  • report any information to the targeted company; the company, such as ours will deal with such situation in a professional manner.

Please remember following before trying any scam:

  • our company name, logo and other information are trademarked; using any of the trademarked information without our agreement or approval is considered illegal and will be submitted to the law representatives;
  • we have the legal right and resources to carry on a lawsuit in the case of infringement of any of our legal given rights;

Even thou we are not hiring, we are always on the hunt for good, specialized human resources. Therefor, feel free to submit your CV using our contact form. If a position will be available, we will be contact you.

Let’s stay safe! Please report any scam attempt at